Ultra Natural Organic Jaggery Powder Pack of 870g

Organic Jaggery Powder

Ultra Natural Organic Jaggery Powder Pack of 870g


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Ultra Organic Jaggery Powder has natural sweetness without adding any chemicals and artificial flavoring agents. It is good for the body, skin, and mind. It maintains blood sugar levels and helps to avoid blood impurities. It is highly in demand because of several usages. We are Promises To Serve the Best Quality Jaggery Powder all over India as well as abroad. It

Major Benefits of Jaggery

Nourishes the Skin
Prevent from viral infection
Best blood purifier and cleaner
Empowers the body’s energy source

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Organic Jaggery Powder or Shakkr

The natural Jaggery powder has contains no chemicals because of the organic sugar cane extracts. The golden-brown colored edible is full of nutritious, minerals, and deliciousness. It is a healthier alternative to artificial sweeteners with several health benefits. Well-processed sugar is a reliable source of vitamins, iron, and minerals. It is the best item to mix in coffee, tea, and several other beverages. It is also known as the gur powder in most places, and also as the desi shakkar.

The Health Benefits of Natural Jaggery Powder:

Work As Immunity Booster Tonic

Organic Jaggery Powder has several health benefits so health experts utilize it to make medicines and do treatments. It is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin C which boost the energy level in the body. It is also recommendable for general wellness, boosts immunity, and kills minor infections and illnesses.

A Reliable Source of Carbohydrates:

The rich source of carbohydrates empowers the body’s energy source. It is completely natural and free from all kinds of side effects.

Blood Purifier and Cleanser: 

The natural Jaggery powder is a good blood purifier and cleaner. It cleans the impurity from the inside and helps to avoid impure blood illnesses. The natural cleaner works effectively in a few days.


It is a good cure for allergens. People mostly use it for swelling, redness, runny nose, and itchy throat. The minor clod infections of the winter season are cured with the consumption of this product. People start taking it in the advance to avoid the issues afterward.

Nourishes the Skin: 

The gud powder is good for the skin. People use it as a natural scrubber. It has a good quantity of moisture to nourish the skin. It kills the dryness completely.

Nutritional Ingredients of Jaggery

Jaggery (100gm) is the rich source of Calcium (80.0 mg), Sodium (30.0 mg), Selenium (1.4 mcg), Phosphorus (40.0 mg), Iron (5.4 mg), Magnesium (160 mg), Potassium (140 mg), Carbohydrates.

How to use:

The jaggery powder price is affordable and it is a must-have item for any kitchen. The organic gur is always in the use of Indian sweet dessert items including Ladoos, Peanut ladoos, Unniyappam recipe, and Jaggery rice recipe. It is added with dry fruits, ghee, sugar to make the healthy Ladoos for any ritual and festival. The savory and sweet dish: organic Jaggery brings a unique taste if used with savory. The items are specially made of moong dal. One of the famous dishes is Thai curry.

Process of Jaggery Powder

There are majorly three factors based on the process of pure natural jaggery powder:-

Extraction of sugar cane Juice:

We are used for the extraction of the juice. These are able to get 60 to 70 percent from the sugar cane. This process is ended with the removal of the suspended matters with a clean cotton cloth.

Clarification of the juice: 

This process is long but effective to get pure jaggery and maintain the quantity of the minerals.

  • The sugar juice also contains a high level of fiber, inorganic salts, lipids, wax organic acid, pectin, pectin, and many more. All these need to remove for appropriate completion of the cleaning process.
  • In other forms of process of refining material, there is the use of two ways; one is known as organic and the other inorganic. In the organic process there are concepts like Doela, Sulkali, and Bendi whereas in the inorganic gud powder process Lime, super phoshhate, and hydrous power is used.
  • Bowling the juice slowly in a large pan on the fire is the traditional and most used method. It helps to remove the air pores from the boiling material. The left juice is known as the scum. The ideal temperature for the process is 700c to 800c.

The concentration of juice:

After the cleaning, it is time for concentration. Here boiling temperature of 110 to 115o for at least 2 to 3 hours. Now a semi-fluid material is made that is transferred in different shaped containers. The material becomes solid after cooling.

FAQ about Jaggery Powder:

What is jaggery powder good for?

Jaggery powder is a high in-demand edible that is completely out of chemicals. It helps to stay away from the illness of sugar misbalance. The perfect energy booster and maintaining digestive activity.

Are brown sugar and Jaggery powder the same?

There is a difference between both. The Jaggery powder is more sweet than the brown sugar where it is the best substitute for brown sugar.

What is Natural Jaggery powder made of?

Removing the water from the sugar cane juice or palm sap makes a solid material commonly known as the Jaggery. It is a dried form of the juice with the mixing of a very small amount of okra stems to make it pure. It gets after the long process of the filter.

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