Rainbow Herbal Gulal | Holi Color Spray Pack of 3

Gulal Holi Spray

Rainbow Herbal Gulal | Holi Color Spray Pack of 3


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The Holi color Spray is a unique product that allows the users to play Holi freely without the fear of infection or other skin issues. The colors are used in the product are completely natural and made of herbal items.

✅ Pure Natural Color
✅ Skin allergy free
✅ Eco Friendly
✅ India Made

How to use Gulal Holi Color

Very easy to use Gulal spray color, it just looks like the deodorant spray bottle.

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Holi The Festival of Colors

The festivals are the major reason for happiness to all people. The festival of color is known as the Holi. This festival is the most awaited for the children because of the use of different Holi Color Spray. There is no restriction in the use of colour whether they ruin the clothes, floors or walls. They play freely and happily. Several people face infections after Holi because of the use of chemical colours.

About Gulal Holi Spray Color

Here we have the Rainbow Herbal Gulal to use for all kinds of external usages. These Holi Color Spray are in easy-to-use packs which remove easily after use.

Gulal Holi Spray is the; these are kept free from the use of chemicals. The Indian-made Holi product is safe and recommendable for the kids to keep them away from allergies.

How to use Gulal Spray:

The product is available in the form of a spray that works well as a deodorant or snow sprayer. Here are the easy steps to follow while using this spray while playing the Holi:

  • The Rainbow Holi Color Spray is packed in powder form inside the bottle.
  • The plastic lid is followed by a seal capping of a spray dot.
  • Gulal just looks like the deodorant packing.
  • All we need to open both the lids and press the upper section to spray the colors.
  • Be careful while applying directly to anyone. The direction should not be toward the eyes or any other sensitive part of the body.
  • It will be better if we apply any body massage oil and hair oil before playing Holi.

Keep out of Children Reach

The one spray bottle carries a large amount of pressurized nitrogen. So it is better to keep the left spray in a secure place. The open product should be out of the reach of children. Contents are nontoxic and safe in confined spaces.


  • Do not spray directly to the eyes or ears.
  • Keep away from the infant.
  • Do not puncture
  • It is a pressurized container
  • Harmful if taken internally