Ultra Pure Amla Juice Health Tonic Pack of 500ml


Ultra Pure Amla Juice Health Tonic Pack of 500ml


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Ultra Amla Juice is Pure Indian gooseberry juice which is a powerhouse of many nutrients. It contains essential vitamins and minerals that are integral to the well-being of our bodies and are important for the management and prevention of common seasonal infections. It has the capability of cleaning out our internal system, helps in digestion, and maintaining clear skin, healthy hairs, strong immunity, and maintaining good eyesight.

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Amla Juice is an Excellent Ayurvedic Health Tonic

According to Ayurveda, Pure Amla juice balances our body by means of balancing the Vata, Kapha, and Pitta Dosha. The best way of consuming amla juice is by diluting it with water and taking in an empty stomach on a daily basis. Amla is a diet supplement and acts as an antioxidant. We can take it either raw, powdered, juice, pickle, dip, jam.

Amazing Health Benefits of Amla Juice

Regular consumption of pure amla juice helps in digestion, boosts metabolism, hair growth and skin tone. It is very helpful for weight management during your fitness regime.

Prevention of Viruses – Two teaspoons of pure amla juice with equal portions of honey consumed every day can prevent from cough, cold and viral infenction.

Best For Eyesight-

Natural Blood Purifier

Reduce excessive fat

Best Care of Hair Growth – Hair loss and premature greying

Strengthens Liver –

Skin Care – Anti-aging, inflammation, infection

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500ML Bottle

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