Mulethi Powder Pack of 100gm

Mulethi Powder

Mulethi Powder Pack of 100gm


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Mulethi Powder is natural and proven by Ayurveda. It treats all kinds of liver sicknesses, skin contamination, obesity, and respiratory glitches. The best natural remedy is used for resolving gastric problems, general debility, hormonal regulation, and joint pain.

Key Specification:-

☘ Strong Respiratory System
☘ Mulethi for Healthy Hair
☘ Weight Management
☘ Liver Support
☘ Skin Care

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7 reviews for Mulethi Powder Pack of 100gm

  1. Pinky
    I used this methi powder to make a homemade facial mask. It dissolves very nicely. It is calming to face, taming blemishes and helping to lighten my hyperpigmentation.
  2. Suman Rana
    100% pure powder. This powder is suitable for all hair and skin type. Helps to remove dark spots and impurities. Natural and organic powder, with no side effects. The powder is very fine and of good quality. Bit costly, otherwise the product is good.
  3. Ankit Sharma
    I was searching for a Mulethi powder but I wasn't able to get it nearby so ordered it from Ultra Haelathcare. ❤️Mulethi is very helpful in skin whitening and it has amazing effects on neck and elbow areas.
  4. Ram Singh
    fair price, high quality. I am using it for my stomach inflation, and it is working great, better than any chemical drug, with absolutely no side effects.
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Ultra Healthcare 100% Pure & Natural Mulethi Powder : 

Mulethi powder is a powerful remedy that Ayurveda and every grandmother suggest for kids’ throat infections and coughs. These days ultra Mulethi powder is popular in the world for its purity and amazing health benefits and remedial features. It is a perennial plant product of Asia and Europe. It is majorly utilized in Chinese and Ayurvedic treatments. The sweetness in the test and flavor rises its demand for multi-usages.

Remedial Features of The Ayurveda Plant Roots Product: 

Mulethi is known as the Licorice in English, and Jethimadhu, Yashtimadhukam, jestimash, and Atimadhuram are in Indian languages. It is a commonly used herb in India. Some people use the powder in regular tea during the winter season for the softness of the throat. It can be seen in every Indian home kitchen. Some people chew a piece of Mulethi for instant relief from sore throat. It offers long relief from chest pain and nasal congestion.

Source to get Material for Ultra Mulethi Powder:

The plant is a member of the Fabaceae family. The roots with sweet and natural properties are in the use to treat human health for ages. The little plant gets a maximum height of 1 meter and grows well in sunny, hot, and dry places. It is a popular plant in Asia, India, and Southern Europe.  The purple and whitish-blue colors of the roots also have a pleasant fragrance. So the Ultra Mulethi powder also contains the same.

Remarkable Health Benefits of Mulethi Powder:

Mulethi powder is a dietary supplement that is believed to strengthen the immune system. This supplement is made from mulethi roots that are organically grown in select Indian farms. Made with 100% pure, organic ingredients and free of additives, this product is safe for anyone who wants to boost their immune system.

Respiratory Troubleshoot:

Flora is recommended as the best remedy to cure respiratory problems. It is a remarkable anti-biotic, anti-asthmatic, and anti-inflammatory. It treats the signs of cold, flu, and cough. It smoothes the breath and helps to avoid mucus. The asthmatic conditions get long relief as it powers lung health.

Strong Respiratory System :

Mulethi is known to relieve respiratory symptoms such as tightness in the chest and dry cough. Include Mulethi or mulethi kadha in your diet, which provides great relief from seasonal infections and lung infections.

Shows effect for weight loss:

The unique flavonoids of ultra Mulethi powder reduce the extra fats from the body. It has the fibers and essential nutrients to fulfill the need of the body while not taking regular meals. It kills the willingness of overeating and removes the accumulation of LDL. It is ideal to get and maintain the proper body weight.

Weight Management:

Being overweight or obese is a major cause of many diseases in the body. That is why it is very important to lose weight and keep it under control. The antioxidant properties found in Mulethi help a lot in controlling weight and reducing weight fast.

Skin Care

Mulethi powder is very beneficial in skin problems. By applying the paste of Mulethi on the boils, they ripen quickly and burst. Even if there is a wound, its application heals the wound quickly.

Liver Support

Mulethi is the best supplement for liver system. Many types of liver problems are relieved by the use of Mulethi Powder. If you are taking any type of medicine for liver problems, you do not need to stop it. Just talk to your ayurvedic doctor and use Mulethi Powder along with it. You will feel a lot of relief in a few days.

Mulethi for Healthy Hair

Mulethi churan is also very beneficial for our hair growth. Applying liquorice powder on the scalp and hair plays an important role in increasing the blood circulation in the hair follicles, thereby making the hair roots strong by bringing blood and other nutrients to the hair and in the growth of new hair. Its daily consumption gives relief from hair problems like baldness, premature graying of hair, hair fall etc.

FAQ About Mulethi

Is the herbal beneficial for oral health?

It has the original anti-bacterial and anti-microbial advantages to kill bacteria and oral cavities. It refreshes the breath by killing the smell-producing bacteria. It helps to avoid oral health problems like bleeding gums, bad breath, plaque, gums, and teeth aches. You can massage the powder every day on gums and teeth for natural care.

Is Mulethi tea beneficial for the stomach? How to create it?

The natural powder of the Mulethi can be utilized in making green tea. It is very effective for the stomach and maintains the energy level.


  • Add one and a half spoons of powder of herb in the boiling water.
  • Add some ginger and let it mix for some time.
  • You can take it, or add the tea leaves and milk for more taste.
  • Sugar is as according to the taste but not more.
  • Boil the mixture and filter the tea in the cup.
  • This can be the everyday drink of the winter season.

Is this Ayurveda item is good for the liver?

It has anti-inflammatory properties to strengthen the liver. It cures liver disease, damages, jaundice, and hepatitis. The liver works well with the cure of this powder.


Available in 100gm pack.

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