Ayurveda Concept and Root Causes of Disease

Ayurveda Concept

In today’s lifestyle, we take very little care of our health, due to which we have to take many types of medicines. All the Allopathic medicines that we use give us immediate relief but do not eliminate the problem from the root and at the same time we get to see its bad effects in the future. The first task in Ayurveda is to know the main cause of disease and work at its root. In this article, we will study how Ayurveda works or how Ayurveda works on disease.

Do you know ‘Ayurveda’ works upon the Root-Cause of the problem?

Concept of Ayurveda – Indian Medical Science works completely according to the nature & structure of the body in a scientific and data-driven manner.
This is one of the main reasons why Ayurveda is widely accepted by Indian sub-continent household for 3,000 years. Jeeb Parikshan and Nadi Parikshan are the most advanced and reliable source of consultation & diagnosis system. It is followed by traditional Ayurveda principles backed by today’s data-driven technologies and decision algorithms to ensure a higher quality of treatment with assured results.

Healthy Diet

Health and Disease Root-Causes in Ayurveda Concept

Ayurveda is not just a treatment but a method to improve mankind’s lifestyle as a whole. Working over a root cause of a problem (disease) is surely a great way to transform anybody’s life towards living up an “Aarogya Jeevan”.
It includes a balance of aahar (food), vihar (lifestyle) and vichaar (mind balance) that results in “Prevention is Better than Cure” to live with preventative care and measure.

According to Ayurveda concept, the three main causes of disease are the imbalance of Vata, Pitta, Kapha in the body. The main purpose of Ayurvedic treatment is to balance these doshas in the human body. Ayurveda works on the root causes of the disease and it works very effectively and provides the end result without any side effects.

The Method of Body Analysis in Ayurveda

Nature Of The Body-

According to concept of Ayurveda it not only treats a person’s physical ailments but also changes lifestyle regime to maintain optimal health.
In Ayurveda, the five elements of nature (space, air, fire, water, earth) constitutes the body into three major components (doshas) known as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.
Each of them has a unique set of characteristics according to it, type of person’s body is formed and results into their physical and emotional attributes. These three core elements are responsible for the maintenance of a healthy regime. To maintain dosha balance in the body, it is necessary to take a suitable diet, perform a daily exercise (Yoga, Meditation) and a proper lifestyle pattern. By understanding Prakriti of the human body, one can easily attain its health to live a long life.

The Main Causes of Disease According to Ayurveda Concept | Root Cause of Disease According to Ayurveda Treats Body As a Whole-

Now, the world is realizing its importance as a Universal Preventive Healthcare system to overcome and cope-up with several dangerous health ailments.
It has an enormous healing power that can address early symptoms of the diseases at a right time to prevent health for the masses.
Concept of disease in Ayurveda, practitioners take up a body as a one-part and studies the inter-links between one organ to another organ and its impacts over the whole system of a human body.
It doesn’t segregate organs into different mainstreams and restricts the treatment methods.
It is one of the main reasons how Ayurveda works upon the root cause of the problem.
It evens reduces the financial burden on the patient by avoiding unnecessary operations & harmful medication prescriptions.
This natural holistic approach not only addresses the root cause of diseases but also guides masses on how to prevent diseases and maintain health.
With the rapid advancement, mental stress is also increasing at a higher rate.
Daily Regime that includes exercise, yoga, meditation, panchakarma therapies and oil massages can really help in managing stress level and daily life activities.
Ayurveda provides reasonable preventive and curative solutions.

No Side-Effects of Ayurvedic Medication –

Getting health problems & wounds is an inevitable part of human life. The effectiveness of herbal formulations is known to all for centuries due to their safety and side benefits.

body analysis in ayurveda

Disease Process in Ayurveda

As per Ayurveda concept Ayurveda recommends such a natural remedy that can control bleeding, protects from several infections, heals the wound and eliminates the scars. The composition of Ayurveda products and the medication process comes with anti-septic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties. Potent known remedies for cuts & wounds (diabetics, ulcers, piles, fissures) are also available.
For Example:
The leaves of basil and turmeric powder are blessed with wound healing properties. Ayurveda has always been trusted for ages for its efficacy in the healing of wounds.

Ayurveda is termed as a one-stop for cuts, burns, piles, fissure and many more. The natural remedy that brings permanent relief without any side effects.

Transforms Lifestyle-

According to Concept of Ayurveda several principles need to be follow-up for a healthy lifestyle. Ayurveda is a complete textbook itself commenced with a complete research-oriented approach.
For example, in Monsoon Digestion and Metabolism rate becomes weak. As a result, many people experience a loss of appetite. Light food such as Khichdi&Daliya is recommended during these days.
In Ayurveda, the focus is not only relied upon just the human body but also upon the environmental conditions and other climatic changes.
The human system is designed in such a way that is related to nature & its environmental conditions that work biologically. Ayurveda recommends the perfect way of spending “Dinacharya” (daily routine) which includes proper quality, quantity, eating habits, time to provide the required nutrition to the body. Transforming unhealthy lifestyle into the best possible desirable healthy way.


Definition of Diseases In Ayurveda inculcates such habits in masses which help them to prevent, rejuvenate their damaged body and unhealthy lifestyle by using common household remedies.
Ayurveda help in providing solutions to the majority of ailments such as Diabetes, Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease & many more.
Improper lifestyle is the main reason for unhealthy life and diseases. This science of life can help an individual to value its precious health and life by advising them adequate & accurate lifestyle and food regime.
Now, Ayurveda is slowly & steadily improving the healthcare scenario by working on the “Root Cause” of the diseases not only in India but also worldwide.

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