Health Benefits and Side Effects of Hing (Asafoetida)

Health benefits of Hing

What is Hing (Asafoetida)?

Asafoetida which is also known as asafetida called Hing in Hindi. It can be seen in every Indian kitchen as a cooking ingredient that has several Health Benefits of Hing. It is a gum-type asset from the ferula roots that comes from an herbal plant of the celery family.
It has a very bitter smell like a boiled egg, but that becomes pleasant after cooking and also gives digestion benefits. Sometimes cooks use it to offer the dish with attractive aroma. The simple solution to get rid of the funky smell of the herb is to keep it in an airtight container.

Miraculous Health Benefits of Hing

Hing has been considered beneficial to add the Asafoetida to the diet, especially during the summer, as it increases the taste and keeps the proper care health. People mix it in buttermilk and vegetable. It is found very beneficial for stomach, gas, stone, and other health-related issues. The best part is it is required in very less quantities and not recommended for everyday usage. Here is the list of common asafoetida benefits:

Hing Helps in High Fiver:

It has been verified in Ayurveda that Asafoetida cures fiver perfectly. It is not only beneficial for the normal fiver but keeping a minor piece of Asafoetida inside the nose carefully helps to lower down the high fiver effectively.

Hing for Digestive System:

Hing is very beneficial for the stomach in several prospectuses. Asafoetida has a helpful digestive aid that helps to avoid stomach gas after the consumption of heavy foods. It is a highly recommended herb for bloating, gastritis, flatulence, abdominal pain, and indorses overall digestive health. It also kills germs and infections inside.

Good for Pneumonia and Typhoid Fever:

Hing acts powerful antibiotic and kills the Salmonella bacteria that bring the situation like typhoid. It gives long-term relief to Intestinal Hemorrhage, Proteinuria of Undiagnosed Cause, Epigastric Pain, and Typhoid Fever. It helps to cure typhoid fever and saves the lungs from its damage.

Helps to Maintain the Blood Pressure:

Asafoetida is good to take in low blood pressure conditions as it increases the blood pressure naturally in the body. It also helps to thin the blood and lowering down the pressure. It helps the body to avoid blood clotting and its harmful effects due to its anti-coagulant property. The high quantity of potassium helps to prevent blockage in the heart.

Beneficial for Tooth Cavity and Ache:

The herb contains essential anti-bacterial and anti-septic advantages to cure critical toothaches permanently. It is also effective on gum infection, tooth decay, bad breath, and bleeding gum. The Ayurveda also recommends it as a powerful cavity solution.

Regulates Diabetes:

One of the verified Hing Health Benefits is for controlling diabetes. It controls insulin from the pancreatic cell and control blood sugar level. Regular use helps keep diabetes under control.

Helpful in Period Pain:

The consumption of Asafoetida helps to improve progesterone production and ease the blood flow. It helps to avoid and relieve the menstrual cramp if taken with fenugreek powder in a cup of buttermilk. It removes the period pain completely if takes two to three doses.

The Indiscriminate Consumption of Asafoetida causes these 7 Health Problems:

The Indiscriminate Consumption of Asafoetida causes these 7 Health Problems:

There are many hing side effects if not taken required quantity. People can experience burping, swelling of lips, headache, a blood disorder, intestinal gas, convulsions, and many other health issues if taken carelessly. The users also complained burning sensation while urinating after the excess use of Asafoetida:

Gas or Diarrhoea:

Asafoetida is a very essential cooking ingredient but rise the gastrointestinal problem or diarrhea if used in large quantities. It can be provided several other problems to the stomach like burning sensation and nausea. It is better to take a snack before eating asafoetida used food to avoid such problems. The Asafoetida has medicinal properties but we need to know the number of usages.

Risk During The Breastfeeding And Pregnancy:

It is not recommended to take during the pregnancy and breastfeeding as it causes miscarriage. It also reaches to baby via milk during breastfeeding and harms the stomach. The child can also become the victim of blood-related issues. It should not be given to children under the age of five years.

Headache and Faintness:

Taking asafoetida every day can become the major reason for the feeling of faintness and headache in users. Some users complain of losing consciousness and other memory-related problems like lack of concentration. Though these issues are not lasting for long but are irritating for the same duration.

Imbalanced Blood Pressure:

Asafoetida is highly responsible for bad health conditions like hypotension and hypertension which come into existence due to an imbalance in blood pressure. People with high and low blood pressure issues should avoid the regular consumption of asafoetida. It is a blood thinner that helps improve blood flow and prevents the formation of clotting.


Asafoetida is highly not recommended for people with paralysis and convulsions problems as it can cause an attack. Along with this people with the issue in the central nervous system need to avoid it as it raises the risk of bleeding disorder. A regular dose of 10miligram of the herb can help to cure several health issues but intake without any limit can be very harmful.

Itching and Irritating Rashes:

Excess consumption of the Asafoetida causes irritation and itching in the skin. It also makes skin red with rashes which leave marks on the skin afterward. Though this situation stays for a short time, if rashes stay for a long time it is the right time to talk to a doctor regarding the same.

Swelling in Face and Lips:

Some consumers get swelling in the face and lips that cause irritation and itching as well. Though the swelling stays for a few hours only, in some cases, it keeps developing in the neck and underbody. This situation also needs a doctor to get the right assistance and cure.

Best Way to Consumptions of Hing

Several People Acquire The Benefits of Hing Water

There are several hing with warm water benefits to count. If you take hing mixing in water it improves digression and reduces the stress as well. The remedy is good for headaches as well. Some people like to use it for skin care.

Buttermilk and Hing:

The Asafoetida mixed in buttermilk helps to cure stomach issues. It removes gas and improves digestion if taken after ten minutes after the meals. The girls with stomach pain during the periods also get relief with this herbal remedy.

Asafoetida and Milk:

The hing benefits for skin can be acquired if taken with the milk. It improves health and removes several stomach issues if taken twice a day regularly. It helps to reduce the swelling in the stomach but here we need to take as according to the instruction of the doctors.

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