Khichdi – Essence Of Ayurveda


Most of us are familiar with the name ‘Khichdi’ but it has so many names that a single person can’t even think of it. Kichri, Khichdi, Kedgeree, kitcherie, kitchari, kidgeree, kedgaree, kitchiri, and khichuri are some of the names from the list. Khichdi is likable by most of us because of its taste, flavor, easy to make, and of course! hoarded with lots of health benefits. This tasty yet healthy one-pot meal is a perfect diet for an unhealthy or sick person to revive their health.

Know The Origin of Khichdi

According to many references of thousands of years, it is found that khichdi has begun its story from the Asian Subcontinent. The power-packed content of rice, mung dal, medicinal spices, and vegetables is a great source of protein. It provides nourishment with increased strength and vitality.

A simple & common dish filled with mashed rice and lentils has taken up so many shapes according to the class & purpose i.e. from a comforting meal to a royal feast.

Why Khichdi Is Known To Be An Essence Of Ayurveda?

Ayurveda and Khichdi have closely linked to living a healthy lifestyle and many health benefits. Due to the usage of many ancient or traditional medicinal herbs & spices while preparing it. This can help to balance the three doshas (Vatta, Pitta & Kapha) present in the body. Nutritional house for Vata, Kapha & Pitta body types.

Do you know eating Khichdi is a main ‘kriya’ while going through natural therapies like ‘Panchakarma’ due to its powerful detoxification & healing properties?

Healthy Diet for The Young, Aged & Sick

Khichdi and Ayurveda both play’s a very important role to maintain the digestive fire of the body i.e. ‘Jata Agni’. It is always recommended to eat khichdi during seasonal changes. The reason is Digestive Fire of the body becomes slow during those days and unable to burn the eaten food easily & quickly. Khichdi is light & nutritious food that can be digested easily to cope-up the seasonal changes and to maintain health at the same time.

Khichadi is a Complete Package Of Protein:

The combination of rice and mung dal provides all the essential amino acids to the body. Hence, makes the body packed with protein-building blocks of the human body The nutrient protein content of the khichadi helps to maintain the blood glucose sugar levels in the body. Thus, this nutritious meal helps you to cleanse the unabsorbed food from the body structure.

Eating Khichadi Is Enough For The Day:

To cleanse out your body and you don’t want to fast a day, Khichadi is the way to deal with your situation without craving food or feeling of weakness. Eating khichadi can help you to fulfill your daily obligations.

Kitchari Improves Digestion

Agni or the fire of digestion or metabolism in Western parts of the world is regarded in Ayurveda as the golden key to living a healthy life. Agni defines how does the absorption power of the body is working. How we can digest and absorb nutrients from our diet. Weak or unequal Agni indicates malabsorption and accumulation of Ama (toxins).

Spices such as ginger, cumin, coriander, fennel, and salt in Kichadi improve the working of Digestive Fire. Spices in khichadi nourish and help to balance ‘Jatta-Agni’.Vata body types should avoid bitter foods and Pitta body types should use spices like fennel and coriander. Khichdi helps to boost liver function as a liver tonic and provides a healthy digestive system.

Kichadi Helps To Remove Toxins From The Body

Mung dal has astringent property that helps to remove toxins from the intestines. Once the toxins are released and depleted, it is important that they are properly excreted from the body. The mung beans provide enough fiber to transport these toxins through the GI tract and outside the body. So, start making khichadi and experience the power of Ayurveda!

Natural Ingredients to Recover From a Prolonged Illness or Surgery?

Just know the ingredients below and you will get every answer to your curiosity!

[porto_content_box animation_type=”fadeInUp”]Basmati Rice, Mung Dal, Ginger Root, Mineral Salt, Ghee, Coriander Powder, Cumin Powder, Mustard Seeds, Turmeric Powder, Asafoetida(Hing), Black Pepper, Cashews, Red Chilli, Curry Leaves, Cilantro, Assorted Vegetables, Water[/porto_content_box]

To prepare a khichdi, there are too many ways like its long list of names. Caring mothers & households keep experimenting with their own ways according to the problem, knowledge & diet plan.

Tip To Make Your Day:

Make it an even more special meal, topped with toasted sesame seeds, shredded coconut, or cilantro, and serve with a side of chutney.

Now Enjoy, knowing all the benefits that khichadi brings!


Khichadi, an ancient food in modern times has found a special corner in the kitchen of every home of the world due to its versatility and comforting taste.

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