Platelets Meaning, Functions and How to Manage Naturally?

what is platelet count

What is Platelets Count?

Platelets are tiny tissues of blood, also known as thrombocytes. These are majorly responsible for blood clotting. During the blood vessel wall damage, the platelets run to the area to formulate the clot to stop bleeding as soon as possible.

Thrombocytopenia & Thrombocytosis

The low platelets or low platelet count is called thrombocytopenia which results in uncontrolled bleeding during any body damage. And opposite to it, a high platelet count in the blood is called thrombocytosis, which results in excess blood clot creation. Both the conditions are abnormal, serious, and life-damaging.

The proper health care assists to regulate and maintain the platelet count that can be tested with a simple CBC Test (Complete Blood Count). The word root thrombo is also referred to the different blood clotting conditions analyzed during the diseases. The adhesion is the major process for the damaged surface in which the platelets stick to one another and send signals to call other platelets. The complete process is known as aggregation.

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Majorly Known Facts About The Blood Platelets and Platelets Functions:

Platelets are developed in the bone marrow with the help of red and white blood cells. The bone marrow is the spongy home inside the bones. The health care experts easily inform you about thePlatelets Functions low blood platelets and platelets high with a plt blood test.

  • It is important to know about the platelet count for proper maintenance.
  • The high platelet count causes anemia, blood loss, and cancer. Whereas low platelets cause vitamin B-12 deficiency, folate deficiency, and aplastic anemia.
  • A high platelet count meaning is a high count with bone marrow production of these in high quantity. This process is also known as the essential, primary, and thrombocytosis
  • Drugs like hydroxyurea (Droxia, Hydrea) and interferon alfa (Intron A) are helpful in maintaining a high platelet count treatment. Whereas the leafy greens, fatty fish, and avoiding alcohol help to increase platelet count.
  • Once increased platelet count can be checked in the bloodstream where platelets stay for 8 to 10 days for the proper thrombocytes function.
  • A maintained blood platelet count means the proper health and readiness for the health damages. A proper diet helps majorly in the platelets increase naturally. The natural maintenance of the thrombocytes is reliable.
  • Normally, a low platelet count meaning is less than 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter of blood.
  • A low blood platelet count is always when it falls to 20,000 or less. A proper platelet count meaning is proper health protection creation inside the body.

Side Effects of Low and high platelet count:

A platelet count test lets us know if there is a high blood platelet condition in the body which is also known as thrombocytopenia. This condition destroys the major function of blood platelets. The increased platelets of white blood are also caused by internal bleeding. The high blood platelet count is recognized with an illness like weakness, headache, and chest pain, tingling in the feet and hands as well as dizziness. The high platelets causes: The high blood platelet count can cause several dangerous illnesses like:

  • Serious blood loss with continued bleeding
  • High platelets meaning a major reason for cancer.
  • Plt blood test high count also recognizes in the form of infection.
  • Plt meaning in a blood test is knowing if the body has iron deficiency.
  • If no platelet counts blood test on time, it can raise the level of your spleen.
  • The high platelet disorders cause Hemolytic anemia to destroy the blood cells in no time
  • The increased platelet count causes inflammatory disorders and results in inflammatory bowel disease like arthritis.

Low blood platelets cause several illnesses so timely medicine to increase platelets is recommended:

The low platelets and blood clots are not possible together. The illness is also known as thrombocytopenia that can be recognized with a platelet test. Platelets are the very low and special treatment for low platelets is required to handle the condition. The symptoms of low blood platelets are recognized with a plt blood test low. Here is the list of major signs of low thrombocyte count:

The function of thrombocytes is to stop blood flow and produce the clot but it is disturbed by very low platelet count. Here is how to recognize the low platelets and white blood cells

  • The excessive bruising is not in high thrombocytes.
  • The low thrombocytes present skin rash in very small size with purple color spots.
  • If no medicine for low platelets is taken on time its starts bleeding from your gums or nose
  • This platelet function disorder also causes blood in the urine.
  • The low thrombocytes platelets result in heavy menstrual.

The natural management for high and low Platelets count: when you find the symptoms of high platelets it is important to cure it on time with ayurvedic treatment. The increased platelet count means can be an imbalance between diet and several others. You can also take DyPlate Multivitamin Syrup to maintain the energy level in the body. The treatment of thrombocytes and Thrombocytopenia means hidden and regulates the purpose of platelets.

Firstly start with Routine check-ups from the physician and proper ayurvedic treatment. The checkup will clarify if high blood platelets or low causes can be managed with or without treatment. Sometimes the aspirin also helps like medicine for platelets, especially for more platelets blood clotting. Moreover, ayurvedic products like DyPlate Capsule For Platelets Count Increase are the best to take and save the body from the side-effects.

Special medication is available for platelet serious illnesses like anagrelide and hydroxyurea. These are not to increase platelet count but to regulate it. Other ayurvedic products like DyPlate Capsule and DyPlate Multivitamin Syrup For Platelets Count Increase and You can maintain platelet imbalance in just a few days.

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