Ultra Intimate Wash | Natural Viginal Cleanser & PH Balancing for Women

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Ultra Intimate wash is a completely hygienic formula containing all-natural ingredients including Sea Buckthorn, Aloe Vera, and Tea Tree extract which Keeps the intimate areas clean and free from infections. Intimate skin irritation is common due to menstruation, sweating, waxing, and the use of harsh soaps, the easy solution of which is the Natural Intimate Wash which soothes the intimate area relieves itching, and helps keep you refreshed all day.

50 reviews
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50 reviews for Ultra Intimate Wash | Natural Viginal Cleanser & PH Balancing for Women

  1. Arati Rana
    Smell is soft and nice ๐Ÿ˜Š
  2. Madhu Vaishnav
    I ordered this ultra intimate wash for the first time but I was surprised by the change I felt after using it only twice, it does what it says. I was mainly having itching and foul odor after menstruation but after using this I got relief from both the problems. Thank you Ultra Healthcare for the excellent product, a must buy product.
  3. Shanthala
    It has helped in maintaining better hygiene, reducing the problems I have due to the hot, tropical weather.
  4. Monika
    The product was used for the purpose described. So far, I have no complaints and will likely purchase again if needed.thanks ultra
  5. Akita Das
    I will buy it again. This product actually works and I noticed a difference in about 2 weeks. I donโ€™t understand why doctors donโ€™t recommend these type of products versus the medicine they prescribe.
  6. Pridhi sharma
    After reading and researching I finally found what I am looking for. This probiotic is great and works like a wonder. My odor is gone and the itchiness is gone after taking it for at least 4 days.
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Ultra Herbal Intimate Wash – The Best Hygiene Natural Formula for Women’s Care

The viruses and infections in intimate areas of women become the reasons for several health problems, and cleaning these with general body wash or soaps is not good so we need a special intimate wash. The health experts always suggest buying the gentle and Ayurvedic intimate wash as these are ideal for delicate skin and chemical-free.

The Best Benefits of Feminine Wash:

Ensures Ideal pH Balance:

The Ayurvedic wash product is the best as it is an intimate hygiene wash. It helps to maintain the softness, smoothness, and proper moisture in the private parts. The users get an optimum pH level that stays balanced with the regular use of the product.

The Best for All Kinds of Skin Types:

The completely natural intimate wash has the quality to maintain the hygiene of all types of skin. It is not harsh or oily, but smooth and best for regular use.

No Side Effects and Safe to Use:

The feminelle intimate wash has no chemicals so it is soft on gentle areas. It is highly recommended to the women who stay in the populated area and use the common washroom. It secures women from toilet infections. No use of the chemicals means no side effects.

No Bad Odor that Builds Confidence:

Sometimes women feel shy because of the bad smell development from the intimate areas. It can be due to improper wash with the wrong product. That also decreases the confidence, but with the use of this natural product, we can avoid both issues at the same time. It is good to maintain the confidence of the user.

Easy to use:

Natural intimate wash needs no special knowledge and technique to use as it is easy to use. Even the school-going girls can use it without any problem. It is usable during the periods as well.

Ingredients of Herbal Viginal Wash:

Sea Buckthorn:

It contains several health benefits including avoiding the signs of menopause and ulcers. It is very effective for vaginal drying and removes it naturally. It is good to make moisture in the area.

Aloe Vera:

The Aloe Vera Gel is the best to remove itching in intimate areas and prevents skin from all kinds of infection. It is also best to maintain the lubricant that is required during intercourse.

Tea tree:

This herb has powerful antimicrobial, cleansing, and antibacterial properties. It is good to boost overall virginal health and skin quality. It kills all kinds of bacterial effects in the area.

How to Use:

โ€ข Clean and wet the area well.
โ€ข Apply Intimate Wash on the area and rub well
โ€ข Wash with clean water and dry with a cloth.

FAQ About Intimate Hygiene Wash

How do women use intimate wash?

The product is very easy to use like normal soap. The women use it during the bath and whenever they feel the requirement for intimate areas washing. It is usable with water and washes away.

Can I use Intimate wash daily?

Yes, it is the best for regular use. It is also best to use in place of soap or body wash for the sensitive area to maintain the desired health.

What is the use of intimate wash?

Intimate wash is used to maintain the natural health of areas and keep them away from all kinds of infections and odors.

Which is the best intimate wash?

A product that contains natural ingredients and does not harm the area with chemicals is the Best Intimate wash for women. The herbs and Ayurvedic formula are safe for all kinds of skin types.

Can intimate wash be used inside?

Most of the time intimate wash is utilized for external use only. But, if in case it enters inside during the washing there are no side effects. We should avoid its use inside.

Pack Size of Intimate Wash:-

Available in 120 ml Bottle.

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