D-Tone Syrup-200ml

D-Tone Syrup

D-Tone Syrup-200ml


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D-Tone Kidney Care Syrup is an Ayurvedic precious herbs combination that is a wonderful product for Kidney health or kidney care. This Ayurvedic Kidney care syrup helps to improve kidney functionality and regulate the urinary tract. The kidney is a very important organ of our body we have to always keep on a priority on Kidney health for a healthy life.

Best Functionality of Kidney Care Syrup

Strengthen the kidney’s health
Reducing kidney toxins
Quick Cleaner for Kedney
Prevent the recurrence of UTI

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5 reviews for D-Tone Syrup-200ml

  1. Ravi Sharma
    My kidney was more dedicated as compared to a normal human. It was requiring a strength booster that has no chemicals. My friend who is also a health expert suggested Ultra Healthcare D-Tone Syrup for this. It is herbs based so without the fear of side effects I stated. I find the kidney functionality improved. There is a remarkable change in overall health. I am thankful.
  2. Vikas Ram
    Mujhe kidney problem ki vajah se urine track me problems ho rahi thi. Irritation, swelling and pain to roj hi ke issues the. Tab ek health expert ne mujhe ultra D-Tone kideny care Syrup ka sujhav dia. Pehle hi week me isne pain ko bilkul kam kar dia or urine excretion me improvement hua. Regular use se baki ke issues bhi khatam hog aye.
  3. Anil Ramgarhia
    The working environment was not so clean due to more employees so the common washroom was also a major issue. I developed a urinary tract infection that reached the kidney. It became essential to cure it with a non-side effects remedy. Ultra D-Tone Syrup was beneficial. I find it online with top reviews and ratings. Thanks to the manufacturers
  4. Manisha Khatri
    D-Tone Syrup was helpful when I was suffering from stress and weakness due to kidney damages. There was a pain in the stomach all the time. So, I started this herbal syrup regularly. I absorb the results in a few days. There was a remarkable decrease in pain and weakness. I highly recommend it for kidney problems.
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D-Tone Syrup

D-Tone Ayurvedic Herbal Kidney Care Syrup

D-Tone Kidney Care Syrup is an ayurvedic precious herbs combination that is a wonderful product for Kidney health or kidney stone removal. The kidney is a very important organ of our body we have to always keep on priority on Kidney health if we want to live a healthy life. Thus supporting kidneys is an important task to follow a healthy lifestyle. Ultra Healthcare D-Tone Syrup to promote Kidney health.

Benefits of Kidney Removal Syrup

Support Kidney function

D Tone Kidney Syrup is ideal for providing the most optimal support for normal kidney function and is one of the effective kidney supplements available for kidney support. It is a completely natural and Ayurvedic product to support long-term kidney health and function.

Kidney Detox or Cleanser:

Its active ingredients promote kidney health and strengthen the kidneys, reducing kidney toxins in your urine, which quickly clears the kidneys and gallbladder to pass contaminants from the kidneys and gallbladder. And no matter what the issue is, there are assistants! ,
Soothes urinary tract and regulates urine pH.
Helps prevent the recurrence of UTI.

Directions for Use

  • As directed by the physician or 10 ml twice daily

Ingredients of D-Tone Syrup

  • Varun
  • Gokhru
  • Punarnava
  • Kulthi
  • Sheetal Chini
  • Palash Phool
  • Makoy
  • Daru Haridra
  • Shudh Shilajeet
  • Yavakshar
  • Mooli
  • Apamargsnar
  • Saindha Namak
  • Shwet Parvati

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How is D-Tone Syrup effective in UTIs?

Various phytoconstituents present in D-Tone Kidney Care Syrup exert anti-microbial action against a variety of microbes responsible for causing UTIs and also relief in the symptoms like Dysuria, burning micronutrition, dribbling, suppression of urine, etc.

  • Can anti-microbial drugs be taken along with D-Tone Syrup therapy?

Yes, anti-microbial drugs can be taken safely along with D-Tone Syrup as it proffers better outcomes and there is no interaction between the two. Rather the response of certain synthetic preparations improves when administered along with D-Tone ayurvedic kidney Care Syrup.

  • Is D-Tone Syrup effective in Burning Micturition?

Yes, D-Tone Syrup is effective in cases of Burning Micturition (Burning Sensation while passing urine) acting as a buffering agent and restoring the pH of urine.

  • Is it necessary to take any alkalizer with D-Tone Syrup to proffer relief in burning micturition?

No, it is not necessary to take any alkalizes with D-Tone Syrup, as it is alone sufficient to relieve burning micturition.

  • Has the formulation D-Tone Syrup undergone clinical trials?

Yes, D-Tone Kidney Care Syrup has been clinically tried for its useful effects in urinary disorders, which exert anti-infective, alkalizer, and anti-inflammatory actions to provide long-term and short-term results.

  • Is D-Tone Syrup safe in pregnant patients?

Ingredients of D-Tone Syrup have not been contraindicated during pregnancy; still, you must practice caution and should take it under the supervision of a medical professional.

  • How does D-Tone Syrup compare with other supplements in the market?

D-Tone Syrup is a natural and comprehensive preparation for the systematic treatment of urinary disorders. It helps to prevent the recurrence of urinary tract infections, which pose a major problem to the practitioner treating these cases. Also, D-Tone Syrup has a combination of herbs, which on one side act to relieve the binding mucin and on the other side exert anti-ineffective action to eradicate the causative organism of UTIs.

  • How long it takes D-Tone Syrup to provide relief?

D-Tone Syrup acts as an alkalizer & anti-inflammatory for the provision of symptomatic relief, in cases of urinary tract infections and in cases of urinary problems D-Tone Syrup should be continued till the complete relief or elimination of the disease.

  • Does D-Tone Syrup have any side effects?

No, D-Tone Syrup is not associated with any side effects on short/long term dosage. Still, if a patient suffers from any discomfort with the intake of D-Tone Syrup usage must be stopped and professional consultation must be taken.

  • What kind of medicine is D-Tone Syrup?

D-Tone Syrup is a comprehensive herbs-mix formulation having diverse vital herbs in synergistic concentration and combinations. Apart from flushing various toxins that lead to various urinary troubles and eradicating urinary infections, D-Tone Syrup also prevents their recurrence.