Ayurvedic Nasha Vimukti Drops 60ml

Nasha Vimukti Drops Best Nasha Mukti Dava

Ayurvedic Nasha Vimukti Drops 60ml


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Nasha Vimukti Drop (Nasha Mukti Dava) is the best remedy to get rid of addiction to alcohol or other 65+ drugs. It is a   herbal formulation of precious ayurvedic herbs which is completely a safe solution that works to help people to quit the bad habits of consuming drugs and alcohol. Nasha Mukti Dava plays a huge role in Control Bad Addiction of Intoxication, improving liver function, and making the liver stronger.

👉 Quick Relief From Bad Addiction
👉 Eliminate the desire for Drugs or Alcohol
👉 Support Liver Function
👉 Work On 65+ Nasha
👉 Many Satisfied Customer
👉 100% Ayurvedic De-Addiction

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44 reviews for Ayurvedic Nasha Vimukti Drops 60ml

  1. Shubham Shrivastwa
    Positive results of this wonderful product very good product Overall no side effects really good for alcohol addiction
  2. Sunny Singh
    It is really a good product at this rate great to get rid of addiction the price is also ok just buy it and see good results
  3. Arpit
    The product was delivered safely and the packaging was great. I used it for my father and it showed great results on him. He himself gradually reduced his drinking habit. He began to abstain from drinking regularly. I am very thankful.
  4. Aman
    I am using it for my brother who was an alcoholic for many years and we were not able to help him to get rid of it. But after using this product for 1 month, he saw very good results, he did not have the urge to drink himself and it did not have any side effects. So I will complete its full course now. Thank you for this product.
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Ayurvedic Nasha Vimukti Drops To Stop Drinking & Other Bad Addiction

As the name clarifies, Nasha Vimukti Drops is a natural, ayurvedic, and most powerful remedy to quit the bad habits of alcohol and 65+ different types of drug consumption. The ayurvedic formula of the solution is safe for the body that leaves no side effects after use. Nasha Mukti Dava has multiple herbs and their ingredients to eliminate the craving for liquor and drug consumption completely.

Smoking, consumption of alcohol, and other such products have many harmful effects on the body, especially on the health of the liver. They bring many life-threatening diseases which are well known to all.

The Major Utilization & Benefits of Nasha Vimukti Drops:

Some people say that they do not want to consume them but they are not able to leave it even if they want to. So for them, Ultra Healthcare has formulated Nasha Vimukti Drops which kills the craving of drug addicts and creates a feeling of hatred towards alcohol or drugs in their mind. It also provides a balance in human emotions that controls physical and mental reactions. Overall it develops a positive attitude and mindset towards life. The benefits of Nasha Mukti Dava accruing to the consumers are as follows:

Strong Brain Power

Nasha Mukti Dava increases mental strength and builds strong willpower against all kinds of intoxicants. It makes the person stress-free with the slow cover-up of the tension. Consumers of tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol, DMT, cocaine, GHB, and hallucinogens can take it to quit without any side effects. It rises the repugnance to addiction and maintains the same sense for a long time.

100% Ayurvedic Medicine

This is a completely natural herbal Ayurvedic product that contains many types of flowers. It helps in improving the health conditions of individuals by providing many health benefits. Natural ingredients make it completely safe for health.

Early Positive Effects

Nasha Vimukti Drop is an effective Ayurvedic medicine formula for all types of drg addictions. The full pack is for one month’s follow-up to get the full benefits. The product also cures the side effects of addictions by improving liver health and providing strength. It completely detoxifies the body. Its effect starts showing in 18 to 20 days. It completely kills the desire for alcohol or drgs. Even a person’s consumption cannot lead a person to re-addiction. It takes a maximum of 3 months to cure the consumers.

Fulfill the Body Needs

It increases the metabolism and cares for the health completely during the healing process. It also brings back the lost strength of the body by offering a qualitative quantity of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It is best to make the body addiction-free.

Composition of Ayurvedic Herbs

  • Ashwagandha
  • Pushkar Mool
  • Jatamansi
  • Tagar
  • Bari Elachi
  • Tea
  • Kismis
  • Nagar Motha
  • Brahmi
  • Sorbitol

How to use Nasha Mukti Medicine:

Anyone can follow the easy process of getting the product. It can be taken by mixing 2-5 drops in food, drink, or water.

FAQ About Nasha Vimukti Drops:

What is the level of purity of Nasha Vimukti Drops?

Nash Mukti Dawa(Nasha Vimukti) is made of completely natural and ayurvedic items. It is AYUSH & GMP certified which has no chemicals so it is completely side effects free.

Does it need to take a lifetime?

The item starts showing the benefits in 18 to 20 days. The usages depend on the quantity and duration of the addiction. The less addicted people can leave it in one month after gaining the benefits, whereas it is used for a maximum of three months for a complete cure.

Can addicted people with serious illnesses take it?

It is completely natural and side effects free. Still, such people can take the advice of Ayurveda experts for better results.

Are there any other health benefits?

The nasha vimukti drops strengthens willpower. It cures the liver and improves body strength. It detoxifies the body and refreshes the brain.


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