Pashanbhed Powder Pack of 100gm

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Ultra Pashanbhed powder is a natural kidney care solution. It helps the stone to come out of the body, constipation and as well as cure the urinary tract infection. The range of ayurvedic medicines and remedies is large with numerous names. Pashanbhed Powder is one of them used to treat renal issues. The herb is popular as a diuretic and lithotropic drug. It has achieved authorization for commercial usages. The Pahsanbhed has a variety of plants with diuretic and lithotropic features.

Key Features

✅It cures boils, scratches, and old wounds.
✅Best powder for oral massage for children and the elderly.
✅The leaves oil is perfect for making ear oil for proper cleaning.
✅The root powder paste is in the use to resolve the problem of roundworms and parasites.
✅Water mixing powder solution is the best for weather changes health issues and sickness.
✅Several internal disorders get instant relief. These can be related to the stomach and urinary.