Sharpunkha Powder (Tephrosia Purpurea) Pack of 100Gm

Sharpunkha Powder

Sharpunkha Powder (Tephrosia Purpurea) Pack of 100Gm


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Ultra Healthcare Sharpunkha Powder is an Ayurvedic herb used as medicine. Sharpunakha root powder is mostly used to solve liver related problems. It also proves very beneficial in balancing the levels of Kapha and Vata in the human body.

Benefits of Sharpokha powder:

  • The rich healing properties are in the use of ayurvedic care of liver and other part of the body.
  • The herb and herb powder is easily available to use as remedy.
  • It removes body pain easily after the use.
  • It is good for the kidney health as well
  • Ayurveda allows its use for the skin care.
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8 reviews for Sharpunkha Powder (Tephrosia Purpurea) Pack of 100Gm

  1. Ravinder Singh
    I had liver issues for a long time that was problematic for the entire body's health. Its functionality was disturbed even after taking the medicines from an experienced doctor. Then I choose the Ayurvedic remedy Sharpunkha Powder for the same. It was so beneficial that liver issues symptoms start improving in a few dosages. Regular consumption for one month takes away complete illness.
  2. Vipin
    It is hard to maintain a proper sugar level in the body with a healthy diet plan. I need herbal care of Sharpukha powder. I found remarkable maintenance in my blood sugar level after taking this product. It is an affordable remedy that has no side effects. I need not go to the doctor for this reason.
  3. Surinder Pal
    A long time back a sudden pain started in the left side of the lower stomach and the same side at the back. The pain was not continuous but deadly. I got to know from the health expert that it was due to kidney issues and recommended I take sharpukha powder mixed with water. I started it instantly and found it very effective. There is no pain to the date.
  4. Yashpaul
    My skin was becoming dark with numerous other issues like acne, fine line, spots, and sunburn. There is hardly a single medicine for all these problems so I start using the Sharpukha powder as a pack and drink. I applied it with raw milk and water twice a week. My skin got free from all the issues and a natural glow was complementary.
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Sharpunkha Powder (Tephrosia Purpurea) Is a Beneficial Herb

Sharpunakha powder is mostly used to solve liver related problems. It also proves very beneficial in balancing the levels of Kapha and Vata in the human body. Ultra Healthcare Sharpunkha Powder is an Ayurvedic herb used as medicine. In India, Sharpunkha is known as Sharpanakha, Jhojharu, Kanthapunkhika, Sarfoka, Unhali Atadi. Talking about its scientific name, it is called Tephrosia purpurea. 

Ultra Sharpunkha Powder Pure and Natural

Ayurveda has discovered all most all the natural herbs and remedies for human wellbeing. The Sharp0kha powder is one of them which balance the kapha and vata level in human body naturally.  This herb has several names including Vempali, Pleehashatru, and Saraponkh. Some people also call it purple tephrosia. The Sharpukha powder is in the use of liver related health problems that effects in several manners. The Sharpunkha powder is also available as Sharpukha churan in Indian Ayurvedic center.

How Sharpunkha powder is recommended in Ayurveda?

Ayurveda has utilized the tender twigs, leaves and flower of the herbal plant in the form of powder for balancing Kapha and Vata in human body. Though the test is bitter but beneficial in several ways. The main ingredients of Sharpukha powder are known as Sitosterol, elliptone, retinoids, rutin, tephrosin, purpurin and rutin. All these have special significance in the Ayurveda treatment. The anti-diabetic properties are the best for diabetes patients. It is also recommendable for anti- microbial, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and anticancer.

How to use Sharpunkha powder and health benefits:

Use for Jaundice and Liver cirrhosis. Also use for spleen diseases:

  • The plant powder, mixed with the clean water should be drink twice a day.
  • The Sharpunkha powder juice is easy to create to take twice a day.
  • 3 gram of Sharpunkha powder is very effective with a glass of milk.
  • It stop the development of liver and spleen diseases.
  • 2gram of this ayurvedic powder can be taken after creating the paste with buttermilk. Two doses of the mixture is enough everyday

Use of the Sharpukha powder for dropsy, heart palpitation and Angina:

  • Make the fresh juice of Sharpukha whole plant powder with water and take regularly for dropsy.
  • Boiling the 5 gram of Sharpokha powder in water with 3 clove and Arjun Bark is a powerful remedy for the heart.
  • It removes hyperacidity and abdominal pain if taken twice a day regularly.
  • The powder drink is perfect for the blood purification and minor fever.

The traditional way of using Sharpukha powder:

Sharpukha powder is in the trend since the beginning of Ayurveda. The herbal plant of Sharpukha powder is utilized in several ways and types including powder, paste and juice. Here is the list of few utilization:

  • The powder shows instant result for cough and tightness of chest.
  • The root special powder is available for the betterment of spleen, liver and kidney.
  • One tea spoon of Sharpukha powder in the boiled water can be utilized for regular gargle. It washes the mouth and refresh it for whole day.
  • The powder paste with the rose water is best for the skin disorders, spots and dryness. The remedy is for asthma, anemia, chronic fever, gingivitis, pimples and boils.
  • The Sharpukha seeds powder is used as anthelmintic oil with mixing any Ayurveda massage oil.
  • A Sharpukha powder daily drink helps to cure tumors, asthma, allergic conditions, ulcers and rheumatism.
  • It also cure the vomiting and clean the stomach
  • The powder is in the use to clean the teeth that also provides long relief for all kinds of dental issues. It stops gums bleeding.
  • The obstinate colic also gets remedy with Sharpuka powder mix with black pepper.
  • A mixture of the powder in the boiled milk heals leprous wounds perfectly
  • The fruit powder is the perfect remedy for the intestinal worms.
  • Sometimes it is used for the snake bite as well.
  • A mixture of the powder, salt and coconut oil is good for the itching skin and minor cuts.
  • It also makes a perfect body cooling drink in the summer.

Other health benefits and cure for diseases

Strengthen the Kidney: Sharpukha powder protects kidney from all kinds of damages with the ayurvedic healing properties. It refreshes the kidney cells and strengthen them to regulate the kidney system. The powder drink removes waste and toxins from the kidneys. In this way kidney stays fresh and clean to work properly.

Instant remedy for the skin issues:  In day to day life our skin faces several issues and problems including leprosy, eczema, rash, itching and many more. The ayurvedic herbal powder of Sharpukha makes a perfect paste to apply with the cold milk, water or rose water. It works perfect in the summer as well as winter.

Maintain the blood sugar level: Along with the several ailments of skin, diabetes and liver this ayurvedic remedy is useful for blood sugar level as well. There are anti-diabetic properties to maintain the sugar level in the body. It helps recognizing and removing the diabetes signs with increasing thirst, weight loos and remove the fatigue.

FAQ about Sharpunkha Uses:

Is the Sharpukha powder is effective for spleen treatment?

Sharpukha is the excellent Ayurveda herb for several health issues. It also cure spleen diseases like splenomegaly. It develops new blood cells to cure fatigue, anemia and body pain.

Is this a remedy for the non-healing wounds?

Yes, the Sharpukha powder is perfect for the old wounds. The Sharpukha powder is needed to mix with the Azadirachta indica leaves powder and boil in the water. This solution is needed to take twice a day for week or two. The old wounds will not only heal but leave no marks on the body.

How do the Sharpukha powder removes the swelling from the body?

Sharpukha powder is the best for body or body part swelling. In this treatment the powder is mixed with water to make a paste and apply on the affected area. The paste needs to keep there for at least one hour. Its ok if it is dries up. This remedy needs to follow once in a week for one or two month.