Shilajit is Considered The Destroyer of Weakness & Know About Amazing Health Benefits of Shilajit

Health Benefits of Shilajit

For 5000 years, Indian ancient Veda has laid a huge focus on the miraculous benefits of Shilajit in preventing & healing qualities. Often mentioned as a “Destroyer Of Weakness” by an Ayurvedic practitioner. Shilajit is one such Rasaoushadhi that plays a significant role in the process of healing for centuries.

From Where Does Shilajit Found?

Exuded from the rocks in the mountain range of the Himalayas at an altitude of 1,000 to 5,000 meters above the sea level and the hilly regions of Tibet.


How is Shilajit made?

Firstly, plants and organic matter are getting trapped between the rocks and mountains. Secondly, undergo alterations in their form over the centuries. With enormous pressure, these are transformed into a rich sticky mass of minerals and nutrients. Thus, becomes “Shilajit”.

This herb-mineral, Shilajit is a sticky tar-like resinous substance that is comprised of humus and decomposed plant remains. Shilajit has enriched with lots of minerals and nutrients which are beneficial to maintaining the health of human beings. A total of 84 types of minerals are present in the shilajit. Copper, silver, zinc, iron, and lead are a few of them.

Formation of Shilajit

Why Shilajit is Considered The Destroyer of Weakness?

Due to benefits of Shilajit or Asphaltum is used for managing stress and anxiety disorders, regulating and improving the functions of the thyroid gland, and also treating conditions like:

Dysuria • Glycosuria • Breathing disorders • Urinary disorders • Kidney stones • Oedema • Skin diseases • Phthisis • Piles • Anemia • Epilepsy • Mental disorders • And worm infestation.

What are the Major Benefits of Shilajit?

why shilajit is so effective

This incredible medical combination is classified as an adaptogen and helps to accentuate depression and anxiety. Being a powerful aphrodisiac shilajit has many health benefits, it improves libido, treats various reproductive issues, and improves the reproductive health of both men and women. It also ensures better heart function, controls diabetes, aids digestion, improves memory, cures inflammation, and thus improves overall body strength and stamina. In short form, Shilajit is very beneficial in the following problems:-

1. Delay aging, 2. Recovers Iron Deficiency and Anemia, 3. Heart diseases, 4. Boosts Strength, Vigour, and Stamina, 5. Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, 6. Enhances nervous well-being, 7. Natural energy booster and revitalizer.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Shilajit be taken in during pregnancy?

Patients need to consult a doctor before consuming Shilajit during pregnancy.

Can breastfeeding women consume Shilajit?

Again here, a doctor’s consultation is required before consuming Shilajit whilst breastfeeding.

How much time is taken by Shilajit taken to show progress?

One month and the same day have been elucidated as the most common time Shilajit takes while showing improvement in the patient’s condition. This may not indicate what you are going to experience.

How frequently should Shilajit be used?

It must be consumed once or twice daily. However, this does not reflect on how you are going to consume. The right dose needs to be in consultation with the doctor to follow with the right duration.

Can I take in Shilajit’s empty stomach, or should I consume it before or after food?

Quite commonly, you can consume it after food. You can consume it on an empty stomach or before food, but you must consume it with the doctor’s advice and recommendation.

Is Shilajit addictive nature-wise?

Generally, medicines are not available with addictive potential. So you must see the medicine packaging to make sure that the medicine is not categorized as such.

Is Shilajit safe to be consumed by anybody?

Yes, adults can consume pure and authentic Shilajit, but children should not be given any doses.

How should Shilajit be stored?

It must be kept in a cool, dark place and away from direct sunlight and out of the reach of children and pets.

How long does it take for Shilajit to work?

Some people have given feedback about feeling energetic within 10 days of medicine consumption. For the maximum benefits, the medicine must be consumed for at least 6-8 weeks towards witnessing the effect.

Is Shilajit good for diabetes?

Yes, it has come to the observation that Shilajit significantly diminishes blood glucose levels and improves the lipid profile.

Does Shilajit increase testosterone?

Yes, Shilajit may boost testosterone levels if consumed daily.

Does Shilajit help in weight loss?

Yes, it helps reduce fat as it has a high affinity for fat tissues. It is having a scrapping effect on the adipose fat tissue. Therefore, it helps balance overweight conditions like obesity and is even useful in preventing type 2 diabetes.

Can Shilajit and Ashwagandha be consumed together?

Yes, you can absolutely and safely consume Shilajit and Ashwagandha together. This is because both the ayurvedic compounds are present together in several ayurvedic medicines.


From ancient times, this reverent conclusion from the Himalayas has been cited in several ayurvedic texts as the ultimate solution to many health problems.  However, several empirical types of research have proved that Shilajit quality has an optimistic impact on human’s overall health under the guidance of professional practitioners only. This blog is only to explain the benefits of shilajit.

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