Prevention of Coronavirus (Covid19) and Cured by Ayurveda Home Remedies

Covid19 treat by Ayurveda

Does Ayurveda really help to prevent and Treat Coronavirus?

Covid19 Treatment in Ayurveda – The world is living in a panic because of a worldwide epidemic- Coronavirus (Covid19) that was never ever felt before. Lock-Down is a word that was much heard and used in daily routine talks. Everything is closed or shuttered down whether a school, a road, or a city. Everybody is sitting in their home with their family in hopelessness. This is a harder time that nobody can think of to survive.

covid19 treatment in ayurveda

Natural Prevention of Covid19 According to Ayurveda

According to the CharakaSamhita, the chapter called “JanapadaDvamsaVyadhi”, refers to worldwide epidemics. He said that this is the best opportunity to stay at home.
According to the ‘Dinacharya’ mentioned in ancient texts, one should plan his regime in a below-given manner.

1.  Wake up early in the morning,
2.  Brush your teeth & scrape your tongue.
3.  Rinse your mouth and drink hot or warm water.
4.  Have ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom tea. These herbal tea boost energy.

Strong Digestive System Big Role Player

According to Ayurveda strong digestive system is important to keep digestive fire strong through preventive measures based on Indian Medical Science-‘Ayurveda’! It is the best natural way to prevent our health from any diseases or pandemic like  Covid-19. Coronavirus, the pandemic has challenged a much-advanced era in its own ways that nobody can imagine to face it off again.

But there is always little good in most bad times. That little good thing in the coronavirus pandemic is, it has drawn the world’s attention to a strong immune system or the body’s defense mechanism against bacteria, viruses, infections, and any other diseases.

The Power of Ayurveda to Fight Against Covid19

Prevention of Covid19 in Ayurveda – Ancient Ayurvedic science has great potential and wonderful power to boost the human immune system to combat any health hazard. COVID-19 has resulted in people with high levels of psychological distress and has a significant impact on mental health, especially those who are living in a vulnerable state (Depression, mental illness).

It is the phase where COVID-19, another name for fear has highlighted the best possible role of Covid19 Treatment in Ayurveda through psychoneurotic-immune pathways and by strengthening the respiratory tract.

Ayurveda is an Indian traditional medicine system that originated in India over 3000 years ago. The word Ayurveda originated from the Sanskrit language, Ayur (life) and Veda (science or knowledge).

In Indian classical Ayurvedic texts such as  ‘CharakaSamhita’, it is mentioned immunity as the ability to prevent and stop disease progression from maintaining homeostasis. Ayurveda places more emphasis on strengthening the mind, body, and soul to deal with stress, diseases, and infections.

In Ayurveda, several treatment options are there to boost the weak immunity level of the body. To prevent respiratory diseases & infections, herbal decoctions, drinking hot water, gargling with salty water, and inhaling steam are some of the best herbal remedies described in Ayurveda. These herbal remedies are simple, affordable, and acceptable for every section of society.

These traditional measures can positively affect mental health and immune function by modulating the psychoneurotic-immune system if implemented properly to nurture the quality of life.

Prevention of Coronavirus

Recommendation of Ayush Ministry for Covid19

In India, The Ayush Ministry is taking remarkable initiatives through Ayurveda and Yoga to face off a pandemic of Covid19 (Coronavirus). It is a nodal ministry of complementary and alternative medicine, that has recommended guidelines to strengthen immunity and self-management measures by using ayurvedic principles and regime.

The honorable Prime Minister Of India is also keeping a strict watch over the current prevailing conditions in the country which has also increased the urge in the People of India to divert themselves to the use of Ayurvedic medicines and Kadha like ‘AyushKawath’.

Gujarat and Kerala are doing an impeccable job in the present scenario of COVID-19 to strengthen the immunity of the masses by laying more stress on Ayurveda for mitigating the spread of Coronavirus.

These states are known to have one of the best ancient medical systems in the country. Several other Indian states have also started using Ayurvedic herbs and therapies as a preventative measure that has enormous potential and possibilities as prevention and Covid19 Treatment in Ayurveda.

Importance of Strong Immunity in Covid19

Immunity plays a very important role to prevent communicable diseases. It works as the defense mechanism of the body against bacteria, viruses, and other diseases.

Did you know there are (approx.) 2,818 ayurvedic hospitals and 15,291 ayurvedic dispensaries and 4.28 lakh registered ayurvedic practitioners in the country? The ancient system is full of research-oriented methods to improve the overall quality of life by reducing the risk of becoming ill.

Balancing Tridosha by changing life patterns that include Diet, exercise, yoga, a mixture of herbs & spices, natural therapies, natural oils, and seasonal changes will definitely help a person to restore their lost well-being. With immense dedication, many ayurvedic Corporations has reached to certain preventive measures, Kadha & vaccine to treat COVID-19.

Conclusion: There is a lot to discover about the hidden potential of Ayurveda in Preventive Science. Some have been achieved but there is a lot more to explore for rapid solutions to incurable diseases and infections. This is for sure, India and Ayurveda (Indian Vedic Medical System) has come up as a light in the sheer darkness of the Coronavirus World.

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