Omicron Variant – The Origin of New Deadly Virus 

Omicron Variant

Omicron Variant Meaning – Corona Virus has disturbed the life of everyone since 2019. As the one Variant gets a little under control, the new starts spreading its legs. These days’ people are fearing from newly emerging variant named Omicron that somehow makes remembering appalling views of the last two years. It has alerted the governments of most of the countries and about to start that terrible panic mode again where everyday death was as common as day-to-day activity.

The variation has been recognized in Botswana and South Africa by public health officials and scientists because of the high number of mutations. These mutations have made the virus more transmissible and almost not vulnerable to the current vaccines. WHO got to know about the new variant on 2nd Nov 2021 and called it Omicron “Variant of Concern”. The World Health Organization has announced the global risk behind it that is “very high”. Firstly the Covid-19 Omicron cases were identified in the major 20 countries but it is in almost all the countries these days. It started in Netherland, Belgium, and Britain at a high scale. Covid-19 Omicron cases are recognized in largely populated countries like US and India last two days.

How dangerous is the new Omicron coronavirus variant

How dangerous is the new Omicron coronavirus variant?

The Current Update About the Omicron Variant for General Information the researchers from South Africa and all around the world are gathering every possible fact about the same to know all assets based on the Omicron. All the findings and studies are gathered to know the origin and complications. Some of the facts are: 


There is doubt regarding transmissibility. It’s not clear if it is more transmissible as compared to existing variants, even Delta, or not. Covid-19 Omicron cases are majorly rising in South Africa, but the epidemiologic evaluation is still recognizing if it is because of the new variation or other factors are also responsible.

The Harshness of Disease: 

This variant is in the category of problematic concern as the exiting vaccination is kind of ineffective. According to the study now the rate of hospitalization is rising fast in South Africa, but it cannot be called due to the Omicron until the researchers verify it. No verified study ensures the differentiation of symptoms of Omicron and other existing variants.

The initial victims were the university students, the young people who don’t have any other illness, helped to know the level of severity of the Omicron and that is from some days to several weeks. But like other variants of COVID-19, it is also dominating and death is the result for most people.

There were four recognized Variants of the COVID-9; Alpha, Beta, Gama, and Delta. Delta was considered the most dangerous one with most death cases. It was recognized in India first. The Omicron is called the second Delta variant as it seems as dominating as Delta was.

Strains of the Variants:

Coronavirus is deadly in itself so its Variants are also not less dangerous. The RNA viruses are taking less time to reach the world wildly. The Omicron variant is rising more worries as its symptoms and results are quite different and deadly as compared to other strains of the virus. The major strain about the vaccine that is designed to fight seems not so effective. It has found the almost so mutations along with the 32 pertain of virus’s spike protein; the way with the help of which virus gets entry into the cells. Most of the Corona vaccine is working on it.

The WHO has announced the fear that Omicron variant is spreading seven times faster as compared to the Delta Variants. So there is a fear of another deadly wave in the entire world soon. The threat of rapidly evolving Omicron is in the mind of the governments of several nations, so the chances of another lockdown are rising. The real-world data is forcing for the legitimate concerns. But a statement of confusion is there to formulate a perfect picture of the Omicron variant. The positive predictions are not possible if the proper treatment and precautions are not formulated on time.

These are considered the early days of variant so the assumption for the real threat is horrible. According to the WHO the level of transmissible is yet to recognize, also it is not sure if how many diseases will be caused by the variant. The immunity is also not sure to secure with the current vaccinations if infected by the new variant. Every person needs to keep their immunity strong in a natural way by healthcare organizations.

People who recovered from SARS-CoV-2 infection can become the victim easily:

In some Covid-19 Omicron cases, it has been observed that the people who have recovered from SARS-CoV-2 infection can become the victim of Omicron easily. Again the information is very limited on the same concept. Coming days and weeks will bring more information regarding the same.

How many roles the vaccines are playing (the effectiveness):

WHO is regularly in touch with technical partners to know if the current vaccines and countermeasures are decreasing the strength of variants? In most Covid-19 Omicron cases, vaccines are showing less effect and the victims are facing death and disease. So it has been considered another dominating variant after Delta. So the countries have started restrictions along with the lockdown.

If the current tests are recognizing it easily?

The PCR test is utilized frequently to recognize the COVID infection including the Omicron. The analysis is going on to know if the other tests can recognize the variant or not. But the list of the symptoms is becoming ready to know how different the currently emerging variant is from others that are already existing. Also, to know how fast it develops from one body to another.

Omicron Variant Vs Vaccination

Is the current treatment effective? If yes, how much?

It is IL6 Receptor Blockers and Corticosteroids that are still effective and utilized for the treatment of COVID-19. Other treatments are under evaluation and experiments for the treatment of Omicron variant.

Results of the Current Studies:

WHO is doing researches and coordinating with a large number of researchers all around the world to understand everything about the Omicron. Most of the researchers are curious to know about the transmissibility, maximum symptoms (severity), and effectiveness of the vaccines, treatment output, and diagnostic test.

WHO is motivating all the effective countries to collect reliable information and data regarding the same. It is also asking to deposit every new information of the Variant to the WHO COVID-19 Clinical Data Platform with recognized characteristics and outcomes of the given treatment.


WHO’s TAG-VE is to monitor and examine the data related to the behavior of the Omicron Virus.

Governments of different countries are recommended to do:

As the Omicron variant has been recognized as a Variant of Concern, WHO has suggested several actions and recommendations to the governments of the countries. Some of these are to raise the surveillance and sequencing of Covid-19 Omicron cases. Share every new information to WHO for the update of databases like GISAID. Field investigation is the important part along with the laboratory assessments. Check the rising and downing of the effectiveness of therapeutics, vaccines, public health, and diagnostics. These announcements came into existence on the 26th of November.

There is a completely science-based and risk analysis approach to implement the appropriate public health measures. It will be right to implement the medical capacities for public health. WHO is ready with all guidance and support for the countries.

But some countries like USA and UK have restricted the entry of people from infected countries if they are not the citizens of these countries which is completely not a right decision and neither based on the current consequences but political and racial references.

People are supposed to do:

  • The honest cooperation of the people will help the world to come out from the complications easily.
  • The physical distance of at least 1 meter from the other.
  • A well-fitting mask with an air filter.
  • It is better to stay home and avoid poor ventilation as well as crowded area.
  • Keep sanitizing the hands.
  • Use tissues while sneezing and cough.
  • Get the proper vaccination dosages according to the government instructions.
  • Regularly consume natural healthy ingredients products that boost your immunity and overall health.

World Health Organization will keep sending the updates and instructions to follow. It is better to make its responsibility to get these instructions and follow accordingly. Check the meetings and decisions of TAG-VE. The complete information will be there on the social media platform.

Why are the scientists concerned about the new Omicron variant more?

New mutations are rising constantly with new advantages. It is important to recognize all of them to let the people know about the same. Scientists are concerned about the vaccine’s effect and the response of the immune system for the same. Omicron news of alert people as they found more than 30 mutations in the spike protein.

The spike protein is needed to kill by the antibodies to protect the body cells and immune system. It is also found that the previously infected people getting this Variant fast as compared to others. It is faster than Beta and Mu Variants, these were poor in transmitting, but this one is 30% good in this asset so it is a serious matter for the scientists.


Since we are facing the situation of world deadly disease for the last almost two years so any news related to the same is becoming the part of daily life, but if there is something too critical, specially declared by the WHO, like Omicron variant, it is better to know every possible detail about the same. Ignorance toward the symptoms of new B.1.1.529 can be dangerous for life, family, and society. Even if there is no concern to the deadly disease and not infected nearby, following the Government instructions of care is the sole responsibility of all the individuals. Though scientists are progressive to find the appropriate cure it will be helpful for them if we participate via following the rules.


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