Arjun Chhal Powder for Heart Health Pack of 100gm

Arjun Chhal Powder

Arjun Chhal Powder for Heart Health Pack of 100gm


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Ultra Arjuna Chhal Powder has many medicinal properties. The powder of Arjuna chhal is used as a medicine in the treatment of various diseases. It helps in diabetes management, cholesterol weight loss and cardiovascular problems and is a completely natural remedy. It regulates blood pressure naturally.

Health Benefits of Arjuna

Best to Promote Heart health
Prevent from the liver & stomach problems
Blood Sugar Management
Arjun Chhal Powder for Cough


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36 reviews for Arjun Chhal Powder for Heart Health Pack of 100gm

  1. Surendra Pal
    Good product, affordable and authentic product. Arjuna is a heat tonic in Ayurveda. Bought it for heart and cholesterol problem. Powder is clear. Using this Arjuna chhal powder for 3-4 months and controlling the diet is beneficial.
  2. Anurag Tiwari
    For Healthy Heart ❤ Feeling good and comfortable after using it for 3 months. No fatigue, no tension even while walking. It is an Ayurvedic product which does not have any side effects.
  3. Amit Sharma
    Very good product available at ultra healthcare at reasonable price
  4. Shaik Sadak
    Liked the product a lot I will buy it again from here only
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About Arjun Chaal  

Arjun Chaal Powder: Arjun is the essential asset of the Ayurveda. It is a tree full of ingredients and herbal properties. It is on the list of the most powerful nontoxic food, Ayurveda powder, and supplements that contain herbal properties. One can plant this herbal’s evergreen tree at home in a completely natural way and get the benefits whenever needed.

About Ultra Arjun Chaal Powder Pack

The herbal products made of Arjun chaal powder are free to form all kinds of pesticides and diseases. Also, there are no chemicals. The different parts of the tree are washed naturally with the right equipment before creating the products for the market.

The process to reach the customer is completely natural. The well-washed tree bark and roots are dried up in the shade so these do not lose the number of nutrients. The Arjun bark product is available with the health properties of flavor, color, and aroma. The Arjun Chhal precipitate is completely natural, safe, and reliable to consume.

Features of Ultra Arjuna Powder :

  • Without adding the artificial color.
  • No presence of preservation.
  • No addition of the heavy metals
  • It is gluten and vegan free products
  • Other parts of the tree are also used in the powder to enhance the properties.

The major source of ingredients are:

  • Woodfordia fruitcosa
  • Terminalia bark
  • Madhuca Indica

The Arjun chhal powder is also combined with jaggery and water before packing for the market. It is a popular herb of India but these days highly in demand in other countries as well.

The health benefits that people are enjoying with Arjun Chhal Powder: 

Arjun tree is known for its different health benefits and medicines made in Ayurveda. It is a completely natural remedy for heart-related health issues. It controls blood pressure naturally. Let us know about its main benefits:-

Arjuna Best to Promote Heart health:

There is less herbal in Ayurveda which promotes complete heart health. The Arjun chhal is one of them. It completely works for the three health issues; blood pressure, triglyceride, and lower cholesterol. These are majorly responsible for heart diseases.


The 3 grams of herbal powder with water or milk reduce the issue of blood pressure.  It maintains cholesterol levels and heart health. The product is available in a mix of different parts as well as an individual part.

As the antioxidants:

The free radical damage is related to chronic conditions and heart illness. The antioxidants available in the Arjun chhal powder are perfect to neutralize the unstable molecules which are also known as free radicals. It is a completely natural process with essential ingredients like V.vinifera, W.fruticosa, T. arjuna. All these make a unique compound to utilize as glycosides, flavonoids, antioxidants, and phenolic acids. The unique antioxidants are perfect to use as a remedy to stop the growth of liver and stomach problems.

Blood Sugar Management:

The Arjun chhal powder is used as an essential ingredient to lower blood sugar levels. The Arjuna Powder works rapidly and is the best product for sugar problems. In observation, the remedy has worked well in the fifteen days for the maintenance of blood sugar.

Arjun Chhal Powder for Cough:

The mineral compound available in the Arjun chhal powder is good to take at the time of cough symptoms. It removes them completely if taken regularly. Most ayurvedic doctors suggest this remedy as the first cure for the cough.

The Bleeding Disorder:

People who are suffering from internal bleeding and brushing can take Arjun chhal powder for an herbal treatment. The disorder of heavy period is also controlled with it.

How to use powder:

Most people like to use the Arjun Chhal as the powder whereas the capsule, tablets, and tea products are also available. The ayurvedic Ultra Arjun Chhal Powder and milk show the magic together. Here is the most common method to use this herbal product:

  • Make a mixture of milk, water, and Arjun powder with the required quantity.
  • Heat the solution until the water is evaporated
  • Let the solution dry and filter well before drinking.