Degion-H Syrup – Natural Digestive Enzyme-200ml

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Ultra Healthcare Degion-H pancreatic enzymes is an Ayurvedic formulation of Pure herbal powder of Ayurvedic herbs which is synergistically processed by the use of just the finest quality ones. Each capsule and syrup is a constituent of Ayurvedic 400mg leaves powder. Ayurvedic herbs indicate their supportive functions in females of adolescent age. It acts as a hepatic stimulant & may help to improve immunity and digestion. It contains enzymes that assist in the repair of dead skin cells on the scalp. Degion-H Syrup is free from any chemical substances for the maintenance of purity and efficacy.

Key Specification of Degion-H Herbal Syrup

☘ Reduce Toxins from Body
☘ Body Detoxification
☘ Improve Digestive Health
☘ Relief Skin Inflammation
☘ Improve Mineral Absorption


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