Hair Growth Serum 100ml

hair growth serum

Hair Growth Serum 100ml


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Ultra Hair Growth Serum is the best hair serum to strengthen the hair roots, and clear the scalp from pollutants it is offering a natural shine and non-sticky texture. A single spray of hair serum can boost blood circulation effectively and make hair lengthy and strong.

Key Features of Natural Hair Serum

✔ Attractive Hair Texture
✔ No More Hair Tangle
✔ Maintains Natural Shine
✔ Raises Strength, Standard, & Style

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50 reviews
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50 reviews for Hair Growth Serum 100ml

  1. Sonal Agrawal
    This is a great serum. It helps in reducing hair fall and increasing hair growth. Ultra Health Care Serum is ayurvedic natural and has great fragrance. It gives conditioning to my hair.
  2. Abdul Sameer
    good products Natural no side effects
  3. shwetha
    I love the packaging as it is easy to use. Really gave volume and shine. Just try it, highly recommended.
  4. Reena
    I love the consistency of this serum -- it's not sticky whatsoever and easily rubs into the scalp like water. I apply it at night and sleep with it. I began noticing significantly less hair fallout in my comb within days.
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India’s Best Hair Serum to Bring Natural Shine and Conditioning

The hair growth serum is designed to prevent hair issues from deep inside and promote health features that make the appearance attractive and eye-catchy. It is a unique product for both men and women to provide the hair with complete care and growth. The water and herbs-based hair serum for men are highly in demand due to the reliable and desired results.

Benefits of Hair Tonic:

The hair growth serum is an everyday usable product to bring natural shine and softness. It reduces the breakage and dullness that reduce the cost of expensive treatment. Users of any age can use it on regular bases to get numerous hair health benefits.

Attractive Hair Texture:

The hair serum for women & men works mainly on the texture and removes dirt, breakage, and dullness. It helps to avoid hair roughness and provides softness with completely shiny hair. The product is safe to use after every head bath to maintain the natural properties of hair.

Raises Strength, Standard, & Style:

The regular use of natural hair serum makes the roots strong and that helps to maintain the desired standard of hairstyle. Women can use it to make any hairstyle with clear and attractive features. These advantages are expensive without such products so the users save a lot.

No More Hair Tangle:

If the users apply just after the hair bath on wet hair, it resolves most of the tangle for combing. There will be smoothness in the hair to help prevent hair loss effectively. It is best to save hair from everyday breakage.

Maintains Natural Shine:

The quality of hair growth serum provides natural shine, improves sun and pollutant damage, and removes scalp infection and other hair issues. It also maintains hydration to avoid the dryness that locks natural shine in the hair.

Supreme Ingredients:


Amla purifies the blood and enhances the quantity of Vitamin C in the scalp. It is the best remedy for premature greying and thin hair.


Helps to remove dandruff and dryness without offering an oily texture. It locks moisture inside.


The best herb for silky and shiny hair. The goodness of Shikakai heals breakage, sun damage, and dullness.

Aloe Vera

Offers a quality quantity of vitamin E and hydrates the scalp for a long duration. It is ideal for hair smoothness.


It helps to prevent greying with quality antioxidants and removes the infection from the scalp.

Onion Seed Extract:

It is the most essential ingredient to nourish and moisturize the hair well. It helps to treat the itchy scalp.


What does a hair serum do?

Hair serum has several advantages for hair as it helps to control hair fall, dullness, and roughness and provides natural shine. It helps to maintain health without harming the scalp and roots. The hair gets strength and growth effectively.

What is the best serum for hair growth?

Ayurvedic hair serum that contains Onion seed Extract, Shikakai, Wheatgrass and goodness of other many herbs is the best. It is pure and does not contain chemicals to harm the hair.

Can I use hair serum daily?

We can use hair serum always after washing the hair. It removes dangles and brings smoothness to stop hair fall.

How to Use

Spray Hair Growth Serum on your scalp massage lightly then gently comb hair and leave it overnight for the best result.

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