Hip Up Butt Enhancement Cream for Pretty Hip Curve | Lift & Skin Tightening Result Oriented Buttocks Cream Pack 100ML


Hip Up Butt Enhancement Cream for Pretty Hip Curve | Lift & Skin Tightening Result Oriented Buttocks Cream Pack 100ML


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Hip Up Butt Enhancement Cream is a Natural and Ayurvedic Butt Enhancer that will help to give the desired shape to your buttocks. It is a very effective combination with collagen boosters that will firm, plump, and lift your booty.

You will Get with Butt Size Enlargement Cream 

✓ Lift Up & Firming Buttocks
✓ Pretty Curvy Booty
✓ Reactivate the Dead Skin Cells
✓ Shiny Elastic buttocks
✓ Suits all skin types

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Hip up Butt Enhancement Cream to get the Perfect Booty Shape Naturally

Hip Up Butt Enhancement Cream – Getting the right body shape is the desire of every human being, No doubt healthy exercise is a long-term process, but Hip Up Butt lotion helps to make it easy and fast it is the best product to improve the look, shape, size of your hips and thighs easily and naturally.

Let’s know the Benefits of Hip Up Butt Cream:

Increase the Skin Metabolism:

The natural butt-enhancing cream helps to promote skin metabolism effectively which provides good results in the baggy, flat and flabby buttock. Regular use can make a beautiful hipline with an attractive curve.

Natural Ingredients do not affect health:

This is one of the remarkable assets of the Hip Up that only has the popular herbal ingredients which are responsible to inject the right nutrients inside the booty so the required booty part gets the desired shape. Hip UP does not contain any chemicals that can cause any side effects to the body, that’s why it is a completely safe remedy.

Reactivate the Dead Skin Cells at the Buttocks:

The improper health of the buttocks and other parts of the body is because of the nonfunctioning cells. These cells remain the same if not given the proper care on time. The hip lift-up cream is free of side effects and has the power to regenerate such cells inside the body with a few steps of use.

Don’t let the fat collected:

The hip massage cream does not let the excessive fat stay around the area but lets the cells develop only according to the right shape of the body. Everyday massage is reliable to burn the epidermal fat and make the space for cells to rejuvenate.

Butt and Hips enlargement cream for the elastic buttocks:

Flat hips are better than loose hips, but the hip up cream review shows how the users get elastic buttocks with the natural ingredients of the buttock cream. The hip lift hip massage cream is affordable and made of Ayurveda mythology of medication.

Suits to all skin types:

There is no restriction of skin types to use this product. It maintains moisture in dry skin and removes excess oil from oily skin. The one product goes well with all kinds of skin types. The sensitive skin does not get any irritation, infection, or swelling.

Best Ingredients of Hip Up

Avocado oil:

This ingredient improves the quality of mass and skin. It helps to raise the weight of the hip area in good shape.

Coconut oil:

The best massage oil is an important part of a product that works on elasticity and strength.

Hydrolysed Wheat Protein:

Wheat Protein It is added to gain the benefits of quality protein to maintain the overall health of enlarged butts.

Mineral oil:

The water-insoluble liquid acts as the best moisturizer for the skin. It keeps the area soft.


Glycerine helps to perform the anti-ageing functionality. Do not let the stretch marks develop in the area.

Barbadensis leaf extract:

It provides the product with anti-itching properties. It does not let the infection spread and acts as the best anti-inflammatory.

FAQ About Hip Up Butt Enhancement Lotion

Which cream is best for buttocks enlargement?

The buttocks enlargement cream that provides a complete solution without harming the health and skin is the best. The Ayurvedic cream offers all these benefits.

How do you apply Hip Up cream?

Simply the users need to apply on area and massage gently for two minutes. There is no need to wash it.

What can I apply to my buttocks to make them bigger?

The Hip shape up cream with the herbal properties is highly recommendable for the desired results without the side effects.

Why Hip Up Lotion is good for hip enlargement?

Butt Cream is a completely natural formula that does not cause any skin or health damage. It gives the result after regular use in a few weeks.

Direction of Usages 

Simple Steps of Usages of Hip Up Butt Enhancement Cream:

  • It will be beneficial to use after a bath or cleaning the butts.
  • Take a little amount of the Hip Up Butt Enhancement Cream and start applying it to the area for three to four minutes.
  • Two usages a day help promote health and activate muscles cells.
  • The users are getting sagging buttocks. The butt enhancement cream reviews are there to know the experience and raise the level of confidence to use.

Pack Size

Available in 100ml Bottle

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8 reviews for Hip Up Butt Enhancement Cream for Pretty Hip Curve | Lift & Skin Tightening Result Oriented Buttocks Cream Pack 100ML

  1. 5 out of 5

    kanika singh

    best product for women

  2. 5 out of 5


    Can men use this cream for better hips?

    • Ultra Healthcare

      Yes, It is very beneficial for female as well as male.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I love this cream! It’s so smooth and natural when I rub it on. My butt is definitely getting plumper and more round using this product!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Hasina Shekh

    I’m one of those blessed with a flat booty. I’ve been using this Hip Up Butt enhancement lotion consistently for three weeks now while also continuing to hit the gym. I’ve noticed my butt getting rounder and firmer. Wowww! Didn’t expect to see results so fast. Definitely recommend

  5. 5 out of 5


    It is a process with these lotions but, you can tell a difference, your looks more lifted.

  6. 5 out of 5


    It seems to be doing the job ,but you do need to use it every day , I do work out after I apply it on my booty, it leave my skin really soft also! I love Ultra HIP UP and all their products. I have order Booty-Lift Butt Enhancing Cream 3 Bottles for my friend.

  7. 4 out of 5


    I’ve been a huge fan of Ultra Hip Up. Was super excited when ultra launched the Hip Up Butt enlargement cream. So far so good. Wish I took before and after pics. Can’t wait to see even more difference with prolonged use. Thanks Ultra for another solid product!

  8. 5 out of 5


    Result is mine

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