Ultra Tan Removal Scrub for Wrinkles | Dark Spot | Anti – Aging

Tan Removal Scrub

Ultra Tan Removal Scrub for Wrinkles | Dark Spot | Anti – Aging


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Ultra Tan Removal Scrub is the best to keep skin soft and free from the pollutants which develop blackheads, pimples, dark spots, tan and fine lines. From the first use, the Tan Removal Face Scrub gently exfoliates, smooths, and lightens tan. The combination of walnut shell powder, orange peel, and mulberry extracts results in fresh and glowing skin. It is the best remedy for aging skin.

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Tan Removal Scrub – Blend of Authentic Natural Ingredients for Facial Skin

The completely natural anti-tan scrub is the best to use for the face and body. Ultra Tan removal scrub removes tan, exfoliates dead skin layers, prevents fine wrinkles and dryness, evens out the complexion, and soothes irritated skin.

It helps to tone, hydrate, and protect your skin from the effects of the environment and offers natural brightness with luxurious vitamin quantity to detoxify the skin well. It aids in the removal of skin flaws, the control of excess oil, and the soothing of the skin. The best benefits of tan removal scrub are given below:-

Reduce Skin Aging Effect:

Skin pollution is largely responsible to develop the signs of aging in the skin, and it’s hard to save the skin from dirt and pollution. But the best tan removal scrub is the easy solution to remove these signs of aging and work as a anti aging cream gently without harming skin features.

Skin gets as dirty as sensitive it is, and the same is the issue with premature skin. Such skin does not get any rashes or infections after the use of Ayurvedic tan removal scrub. It secures and nourishes it well.

Brings The Natural Fairness:

It helps to remove the tan and its side effects that let natural brightness come out naturally. It contains the ingredients to maintain the moisture perfectly and lock the soft texture for a long time.

Natural Skin Care Solution For All Skin and Ages:

The product is usable for all kinds of skin and ages. Those who become the victim of sun damage and pollutants can keep this product as an essential accessory with them. They can use it regularly after two weeks to maintain the actual texture of the skin.

Cristal Clear Complexion:

Tan covers the actual shade of the face that can be regained with this herbal product. It also helps to get a spotless complexion without much effort. It is ready to use and easy to use at home.

Ingredients of Herbal Tan Removal Scrub:

Walnut Shell:

This ingredient is the best to remove dead elements from the skin that are available in the form of dark spots and dead cells. It also helps to cure mild to moderate skin conditions. It also venting the accumulation of excess oil thus giving you healthy skin.

Aloe Vera Extract:

Aloe Vera fill-ups up the moisture in the skin at the place of dead skin area as it is removed by gentle scrubbing. It helps new cells develop perfectly.

Mulberry Extract:

this herb contains a completely natural formula for skin brightening and lightening up dark spots. It helps to remove the sun pigmentations effectively.

FAQ About Natural Anti-Tan Scrub :

Is Tan Removal Scrub effective on hard tan?

Yes, though it will take some time the skin will get a bright new texture with desired softness. Here we can use the scrub every week for a gentle face massage.

Can the users with dark complexion acquire the benefits?

Yes, as it removes the pollutant from all skin types with all kinds of colors. It clears the complexion perfectly.

What is the best procedure to use the product?

It is easy to use—all we need to clean the skin before use and massage at least for ten minutes. We need to massage the skin with soft hands for desired results.

Can we apply it with milk?

Yes, we can use milk in between the massage for better results. Most of the time users use clean water.

Which is the best Tan Removal Scrub?

The scrub product with completely natural ingredients is the best as it contains no chemicals. It leaves no side effects on the skin.

Pack Size of Face Scrub:-

Available in 100 ml Bottle.

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11 reviews for Ultra Tan Removal Scrub for Wrinkles | Dark Spot | Anti – Aging

  1. 5 out of 5


    Skin cleanliness is as important as complete body care so it needs special products like herbal tan removal scrub that I use to save my skin from outer effects including tan, pollutants, dirt, and dust. It is a very effective product that does deep cleaning without any side effects. I use it forever.

  2. 5 out of 5


    The budget-friendly natural scrub is very beneficial for my skin as it helps to avoid the issues like tan, darkness, dead skin, pimple spots, and fine lines. The product works deep inside the skin and it doesn’t get dirty frequently. I like the product and recommend it to all who want to maintain the young features of the skin.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Ayurveda tan removal scrub is easy to use and very effective on my skin. It helps to make skin clear and brighten within ten to fifteen minutes. I use it once a week and maintain the softness of my skin. It is also beneficial to remove the blackheads and pimples spots from the skin. I apply it to remove the tan from the shoulder and arms.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Shruti Mehra

    Clogged pores were developing the pimples on facial skin. They were not going even after the special treatment so I took the suggestion of my friend. She suggested me ayurvedic tan removal scrub for complete skin care. I used it for one month regularly and developed brightness, softness, and clarity in the skin.

  5. 5 out of 5


    My skin is very sensitive that develops signs of aging in little sun walk as well. So, it needs special herbal care that is possible with Ayurveda tan scrub. It has special ingredients without chemicals so the effects stay for a long time. It is very effective so I use it two to three times a month to maintain the real soft texture of my skin.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Regular work in the sun developed rashes which converted into irritants soon. The dead elements were visible on the skin so I decided to get the treatment. My friend refused to get a chemical product so I bought herbal tan removal scrub. This product was effective from the first use as I developed clear and attractive skin. There was no spot or rash left.

  7. 5 out of 5


    The sun tan removal scrub helps me to give complete care to the skin. I use it every time before applying any face mask as it clears the pores and lets the mask properties absorb these properly. It is affordable and easily available. The easy-to-use method helps to get the complete benefits of skin care products. So, I use it regularly.

  8. 5 out of 5

    Ramandeep Singh

    Sun takes skin brightness and moisture away. It leaves the dead tissues under the skin layer which become the visible spots. These are hard to remove without a perfect solution. I got this solution in tan removal scrub made of different herbal properties. It not only removes the pollutants from my skin but keeps it hydrating and attractive.

  9. 5 out of 5


    The summer sun is very damaging to the body. My skin develops rashes, pimples, and darkness which are not easy to remove. These are not only the issues of facial skin but shoulder, hand, arms, and feet. I avoid these with the help of tan removal scrub. This product has the properties to give complete care to the skin without leaving any side effects.

  10. 5 out of 5


    The herbal tan removal scrub can be used without limitation of age. I am using this product for the last six years and getting the desired results on my skin every time. It helps me remove the sun damage, sticky pollutants, and fine lines. I feel the freshness on my face every time I use it. It is good to refresh the skin after a busy schedule.

  11. 5 out of 5


    Breakouts are very common and tough to remove without leaving the dark spots. The same is the issue with my skin and I found a very useful solution in the form of tan removal scrub. I used it after the breakouts and a gentle massage of herbal scrub helps to get the complete solution. I am grateful to Ayurveda for such effective solutions.

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