UBTAN Face Pack With Goodness of Rose for Face Whitening 100Gm

Ubtan Face Pack

UBTAN Face Pack With Goodness of Rose for Face Whitening 100Gm


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Ubtan face pack is formulated with natural ingredients like rose petals, orange peel, and cinnamon powder which work to deep clean and rejuvenate the skin tone. We confirm this is an Ultra UBTAN face pack free from any harmful chemicals which can be used by both males and females.

Interesting Features

✔️Deep Cleansing
✔️Anti Aging Effect
✔️Promote Skin Tone
✔️Eliminates Dark Spot
✔️Remove Excess Oil

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50 reviews for UBTAN Face Pack With Goodness of Rose for Face Whitening 100Gm

  1. Pankaj Kumar
    I applied this ubtan on my face and I am very happy with outcome. This ubtan is paraben free, and contains safforn extract, rose water and sandalwood oil, which is beneficial for skin care. This also helped me in reducing pimple marks and dullness in my skin. We can also apply this on body to remove tan marks. This ubtan Deep cleanse skin and give nourishment to skin. Overall a nice ubtan face pack.
  2. Harpreet gill
    This is great pack for all those natural face pack lovers who stays far away from home, who miss this natural ingredients and not able to grind and mix this ingredients freshly. It gives the exact texture and result as the same homely made face packs. And all the ingredients mentioned are really effective ones.
  3. Nikhil Patel
    I use this face pack for almost from last 3 months and trust me guys it was an amazing experience to test a product like this I really loved the fragrance and texture. It's 100% natural and organic, smells good, and gives good results on regular use.
  4. Divya Rajput
    Amazing product with good quantity. There are lot of benifits of ubtan face pack. It's really useful. highly recommended.
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Say bye-bye to bad skin days with UBTAN Face Pack!

UBTAN face pack is not just about being pretty! Our UBTAN is a natural skin protector for your face. We use traditional ingredients rich in vitamins to help maintain a healthy, supple complexion. It is the perfect solution for all your needs by cleansing and moisturizing the skin. It’s ideal for keeping those oily patches away without drying out the skin or clogging pores.

Let us know what are the benefits of UBTAN on the face

Day by day, the effects of pollution, exposure to the sun, changing weather, and bad habits of a busy life take their toll on your skin. We need something extra to keep it right. UBTAN is one such remedy by which we can keep our skin healthy and hydrated. Let’s know its essential benefits for the face

Deep Cleansing:

Ubtan face pack is ayurvedic beauty care best known for its detoxifying, fresh glow. It is quick, easy, and safe to use. Ubtan will detoxify your skin and make it look clean again. It’s a great way to get glowing skin without spending time in the beauty salon.

Eliminates Dark Spot

Ubtan is a multipurpose compound that can be used to exfoliate the skin and remove blemishes. Ubtan is all-natural, made of 100% plant-based ingredients that work to do one thing: give you clear, healthy skin without irritation.

Anti Aging Effect

The ingredients of Ubtan face pack are known to have many benefits like moisturizing the skin, removing wrinkles from the face, reducing dark circles, and keeping the skin young.

Promote Skin Tone

Dark, dull, and pigmented skin damages our personality as well as our morale. Ubtan is a simple solution to get fair and flawless skin.

Natural Ingredients

Goodness of Rose

It not only amazingly moisturizes your skin but also contains amazing skin-protecting ingredients like anti-inflammatory properties that reduce dandruff. Rose Petal Powder is a natural skincare moisturizing face pack for skin that provides great white skin.

Orange Peel Powder

Orange peel powder has a citrus scent, contains vitamin C, and is a great way to maintain healthy skin. All excess oils are absorbed into your skin and dead skin cells are removed, this is especially useful for dry skin types.

Licorice Powder

Licorice Powder (Mulethi Powder) is known as a natural and gentle way to lighten your skin without using harsh chemicals it can not only lighten your skin, but also help to get rid of blemishes, age spots, and other skin imperfections.


Available in 100g.

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